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Why were “los Jordis” sent to prison and Trapero was not?

(Written by Hay Derecho Joven Editors and Javier Cuairán García)   As expected, the decree of the judge sending Mr. Jordi Sànchez, president of the Assamblea Nacional Catalana (ANC), and Mr. Jordi Cuixart, president of the Ómnium Cultural, to preventive prison without bail has caused a huge stir. Some people say that the justice system is making “political prisoners” and others say that it is just a judge applying the text of the law in a dispassionate way. On the contrary, the decision of the Magistrate of the Central Court No. 3 of the National High Court, Mrs. Carmen Lamela, to grant provisional liberty without bail to Mr. Josep Lluís Trapero, the Mayor of the Mossos, and Mrs. Teresa Laplana, Intendant of the aforementioned body, has also raised passions.   The crime of sedition The crime that is prosecuted in this case, as is well known, is sedition, which is regulated in articles 544 et seq. of the Criminal Code as an offence against public order. According to the aforementioned precept, sedition is committed by those who “without being included in the crime of rebellion, raise themselves publicly and tumultuously to prevent, by force or outside the legal channels, the […]